Technology to make your life easier

Technology can make your life run smoother, whether that’s finding a ride when it’s bucketing down outside, having that family-sized margarita pizza delivered to you when you have a cheese craving, or discovering the perfect beach shack for your holiday. It can also help you find someone to decode those flat pack assembly instructions – invaluable.

Here are some of the best apps, making your life easier:



Nostalgic for bob-a-job? Airtasker follows the same premise in that you outsource those pesky jobs you don’t want to do. Need your gutters cleaned, walls repainted, tax return completed? Airtasker has a whole bunch of people who can lend a hand. It’s free to sign up as a member and post jobs, and it’s easy to do – just post your task and then choose from the quotes you receive. Each member has a profile with reviews so you know who you’re dealing with and can feel more assured about who you’re letting into your home. Pick an offer and once the job is done, release the payment via the website (rather than paying cash in hand). The site, which also comes in app-form, splits tasks into different categories, with cleaning, removalist, handyman, gardening, painting and delivery the most in demand services. You can also earn some extra money by picking up jobs – type in your postcode under ‘browse tasks’ to see what’s needed nearby.
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If you’re planning a getaway, you’re no longer just restricted to staying in hotels/motels. Founded ten years ago, Airbnb has become hugely popular and it’s easy to see why – not only do you find a greater variety of places to stay (whether it be a room in someone’s house, a granny flat or a whole house or apartment), they’re usually cheaper than traditional accommodation options. The site is simple and free to use – enter your location, number of guests and check-in/check-out info, and you’ll get a list of matches. Read through the matches and check out the pics, then hit ‘book’ on the place you’ve selected. You’ll then be taken to the payment page and receive the host’s contact information. While it can seem scary to stay at a stranger’s place, Airbnb’s rating and review system will help you decide on the best fit and put you at ease as you’ll be able to read about previous guests’ experiences.  

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If you know the 13 Cabs jingle off by heart from being stuck waiting for a cab too many times, give Uber a go. Download the free app to your phone, and when you need a car, request a ride. The great thing about Uber is that you’ll be able to see upfront how much your journey is estimated to cost, rather than getting a nasty surprise from the meter. The Uber app will also tell you how far away your driver is, so you won’t be stuck standing on the curb wondering where they are. The driver’s name, car type and number plate will show up on your phone so you know who to look out for, and they’ll be able to see your location as well. You can also share your journey with family and friends by selecting ‘send status’, so they’ll know when to expect you. Just like the other apps mentioned, you’ll be able to rate and review your driver and see their profile, which makes it pretty safe.

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Uber Eats

What’s better than having someone on call to drive you around? Having someone on call to bring you food. Uber Eats is an extension of Uber – simply use your Uber account to order food from participating restaurants. Depending on where you live, you’ll either have lots of dining options to choose from (especially if you live in the inner city) or just a few; you can check by typing your suburb into Uber Eats. You’ll be able to see an estimate of how long the delivery time will be and then you can load up on your favourite food, knowing it’ll be brought directly to your door. While there are lots of other delivery services, not to mention that ‘old-fashioned’ approach of just dialing the restaurant and paying them to deliver, Uber Eats has made ordering that double serve of onion rings somewhat of a tech experience.
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MedAdvisor is a FREE app that connects you to your local pharmacy, giving you an automatic list of all of your medications. With MedAdvisor, you can pre-order your medications; receive reminders about when to take your medications or when to fill a script; and manage the medications of loved ones.

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