The history of hairstyles

Maire Antoinette 1775

Painting Marie Antoinette 

Marie Antoinette’s updos were the envy of the empire during her reign. Fashionable ladies followed her cues for powdering and poufing the hair to achieve incredible proportions. Marie Antoinette herself had a personal hairdresser attend her for an hour every morning to arrange her hair before she took a step in public.


The Gibson Girl 1900s

 Illustration of a Gibson girl by Charles Dana Gibson

Dreamy and feminine, the Gibson Girl was the feminine ideal dreamed up by artist Charles Dana Gibson. His illustrations had a powerful effect on the women of the time and her voluminous, hairy hairstyles were copied by women of all ages.


Josephine Baker 1920

Photo Josephine Baker

Super short and shiny hair was all the rage in the 1920s. The daring cuts of the era bid farewell to the restrictive clothing and hairstyles of the past and welcomed in the Jazz Age. 


Betty Grable 1940

Photo Betty Grable

Powerful and aeronautic hairstyles were typical of the 1940s. Victory rolls and shiny tubes of hair seemed to chime with the aesthetics of machines during this war era.



Photo Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched

Bubble flips and backcombing typified the 60s when space exprolation and gravity defying dos seemed to go together!



Photo of Madonna with 80s hair

If you ‘Didn’t have big hair, then you weren’t there’, should be the tagline of the 80s! Perms, backcombing and plenty of air was the aim of the hair game during this decade.



Photo Nicole Kidman with sculptural hair

It looks like fashion has come full circle with this ‘do reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s finest coifs!




 Main image: Les Anderson


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