The queen of hats

Whether you love the Royal family or are indifferent, there is no denying they are a well-dressed bunch. Well mainly. ​

​Perhaps it is the unlimited access to the world's best designers or the years of etiquette and deportment drilled into them but we like to think it is due to some in house competitive spirit trying to keep up with the Queen. ​

​The epitome of classic style, the Queen has used her steady stable of Royally Appointed Milliners to show the world colour blocking never goes out of fashion when done properly. ​

​Every outfit starts with and is built around a fantastic hat. Any milliner will tell you that. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at just some of the fabulous pieces the Queen has worn over the years.

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Sporting summery polka dots in a matching turban and dress, 1975
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When you match your beret with your coat and your brooch? Genius!
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Jaunty angles and fedoras were the style de jour whilst aboard the royal yacht Britannia 
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Feathers and fabulous broaches working perfectly together, 2010
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A popular style, with the Queen, but this time looking regal in royal blue. Is there any colour the Queen can’t wear?
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From Royal blue to Sky blue, light and breezy in a classic summer brim
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A rare tonal moment in a gorgeous black and white brimmed hat with satin bow
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What else would you wear to a fashion show but fuchsia and black woolen felt with button trim? 2012 
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