Benefits of older workers and the places that hire them

Looking to fill an important position at work? Senior Australians are a boon to businesses wanting to balance their workforce and take advantage of a mature approach to work! Big employers like Coles, Bunnings and Woolies have long known the benefits of hiring older workers. And websites like Older Workers are at the forefront of the trend, recognising the unique contribution those with a few decades under their belts can offer. But if you’re in any doubt, take a look at our top 5 reasons to employ a senior and you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

1.They actually DO know how to use technology (they just don’t use it to waste time!)

While there are certainly some who haven’t hopped aboard the tech tide, many more have taken to the digital realm than haven’t. What’s more, they tend to have the mental discipline required to stay on task when online and keep the surfing to a minimum!

2.They don’t quit because they suddenly want to go ‘find themselves’.

How often have you heard a senior say ‘Sorry, I won’t be in next week, I’ve got to go find myself - in Bali!’ - exactly NEVER! Older Australians have either found themselves by now or they’ve stopped trying. They’ve given soul searching a hard pass and are pretty certain that where ever they are right now is where they want to be. That makes for some rock solid reliability.

3. They tried that once... and it didn’t work.

Experience. Yep, older Australians have oodles of it. And they’re not against sharing their findings! Let a senior bend your ear about good customer service, how things used to be done or what value really means and you might learn something that will give your business a boost. Seniors are walking, talking longitudinal studies who have reams of highly valuable info to impart. So pull up a chair and listen.

4. Someone to look up to (and maybe even be a weenie bit frightened of)

A mature and reliable senior can be to a business what a principle is to a school - their mere presence makes people lift their game. Silly schoolyard behavior, cliques and general tomfoolery can be effectively quashed by the appearance of a stately elder.

5. Initiative

A common complaint by employers is that younger staff need to be coddled and coaxed to get them to perform. They simply don’t have the gumption to get on with the job at hand. Not so the senior! Self reliant, confident and ready to just have a go, the senior staffer is a joy to employ. They know how to manage their time, have inner resources to draw on when ‘what should I do next?’ enters their heads, and they know time is precious.

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Benefits of older workers and the places that hire them

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Benefits of older workers and the places that hire them

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Benefits of older workers and the places that hire them

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