#DadHacks from the DailyCare Team

The DailyCare team knows the best advice is the most enduring and odds are it probably came from your Dad or Grandpa…Here’s what’s held fast for us.

What is the best bit of advice your father/ grandfather gave you?

Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath.
And, as the Eagles, said - Take it easy –

From your kids: what have they learnt from their dad?

Be kind, be empathetic, but be strong and don't let others ruin your dreams – and dream those dreams big.
And, Teamwork, makes the dream work

No one made a difference by being like someone else
Tull Roseby, CEO and Founder

What is the best bit of advice your father/ grandfather gave you?

“Get a haircut if you want to get a job”.
My brother had long hair and Dad never liked it. My bro really took the bullet on that one.
David Shardlow, Digital Product Manager

My grandfather was an accomplished athlete and totally committed to anything that physically challenged him. Growing up as a kid he’d pull my shoulders back any lax opportunity I gave him. Over the years his mantra to me in those moments was “Good posture is a way of living. Sometimes your good posture will be all you have and that my girl will mean you’ll still have more than most”. Check.
Alex Lynch Director Content and Commercial

My dad taught me persistence and perseverance. Applying maximum effort to everything you do and not doing anything by halves.
Jen Selmore Content and Social Media Manager

Save, invest and forget. Money in the bank is never a bad thing
Nat Power DailyCare writer

My dad taught me to look up every now and then. I was a bookworm as a child, and it drove dad crazy when I would spend every family road trip reading in the car. On a holiday to Switzerland, he was incredulous that I was letting the mountains whip past without notice, with my head burrowed down into my book instead. I think he confiscated the book and I was forced to look at the pretty countryside, which felt like a punishment at the time! I still prefer to travel with a book as a companion, but it's a good reminder to be aware of what's around me as well.
Samantha Allemann DailyCare writer

I was given lots of advice by my granddad, which I ignored, but now he's gone I can see the truth in a lot of what he said. "Cycle when you can, never plant anything you can't eat, paint everyday, don't take yourself so seriously, treat children as your equal."
Toby Ansell DailyCare Designer

My Dad has an unwavering dedication to his family. He's taught me the value of hard work, sacrifice and making time for those closest to you, always finding time for fun. And that if you're old enough to give yourself a hangover, you're big enough to deal with it.
Jeremy MacVean DailyCare Marketing

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