Enduring #MumHacks from the DailyCare Team

The DailyCare team knows the best advice is the most enduring and odds are it probably came from your Mum or Grandma…Here’s what’s held fast for us.

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“Listen to your Dad”.

This might seem like an odd example of Mum’s good advice – but for me, it speaks to the importance and value of trust; namely “make sure you choose your people well”. I think she did.

David Shardlow, Digital Product Manager

My mum has always been a salt of the earth type. One of the original hippies….

Always in touch with personal development, she always said, to me to listen to what your mind and body is telling you. To take care of oneself is of utmost importance.
And if you don't look after your body, your body will look after you.

I ignored this advice for a good couple of decades – but guess what…. She was right!!

Tull Roseby, CEO and Founder

My mum always says... to everything, "never say never" or "never say 'fountain i will not drink your water'". Meaning life changes and unexpected things can happen. Don't rule anything out.

Gwendolyne Odea, Strategic Communications Executive

My Mum doesn’t say a lot, though I can tell what she’s thinking just by the look she gives me. I think the reverse is true as well, it doesn’t take much for her to figure out what’s going on. Indeed, she always tells us: "There’s no need to keep secrets. Mums always find out."

Todd Beavis, Strategic Communications Director

"The worse things get, the funnier they are. You’re always best to out laugh them"

True to her word on dark days, Mum would poke fun where most inappropriate. My political correctness sometimes suffers but my life’s infinitely better for living this #mumhack

Alex Lynch, Director Commercial and Partnerships

My nan used to say, "always wear your good undies because you never know when you'll get hit by a bus"

Growing up my mum used to always tell me to wear a long shirt or keep it tucked to keep my kidneys warm. I think it was a thinly veiled attempt to stop me exposing my midriff and dress appropriately.

Jennifer Selmore, User Support and Social Media Executive

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Enduring #MumHacks from the DailyCare Team

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