Four comedians you need to see

Tom Sitter

It all started with Tom. The DailyCare office was in hysterics.

At the Madison Story SLAM in 2017, Tom scored the first ever 10 with his winning story about the five girls he carefully selected his valentines for in 1933.

Seeing Tom led us on a mission, scouring the internet, to find more comedians that would make us snort with laughter.

They're not Bill Hicks famous, they haven't led a 90s fashion revival like Seinfeld (how is norm-core even a thing?) and they're not likely to get their own headliner at an international comedy festival but this kind of makes us love them all the more...

Ray Jessel

AKA Einstein, is an 84-year-old who’s performance on America’s Got Talent in 2014 went viral, with well over 1 million views. Ray now does the rounds playing piano and singing his original and priceless songs.

Nellie Wills

“They say life begins at 40, not so, life begins at 80”. Funny and charming 98-year-old Nellie Wills participated in a stand-up contest on a cruise with her family, and she took out first prize. Watch her contest-winning stand-up performance here.

Chuck Esterly

After waiting almost 90 years comedian Chuck Esterly decided that you are never too old to follow your dreams. In 2015, the 89-year-old performed his first standup routine and totally crushed it, the clip instantly went viral with over half a million views.

Warning: this video contains some adult themes, viewer discretion is advised.

We hope you enjoyed these wonders of the internet as much as we did.

Know of more comedians over 80 guaranteed to make us laugh? Please send us an email with the link

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