Start up advice from the original entrepreneurs

These days everyone’s got a start up idea or side hustle that they’re trying to turn into a million dollar thing. But that old adage ‘You’ve got to spend money to make money’ has never been truer, and it can cost a lot to launch your great idea. So, how do you manage to save money and make your idea of the century come in under cost? Well, today we take a look at some rock solid ideas that have saved people a pretty penny in the past and could do the same for you now.

Grow the ingredients

Sure, ‘Grow the ingredients’ may once have meant exactly that; digging some dirt and planting carrot seeds, but if you’re not in the hospitality game then it doesn’t really apply, right? Wrong! Let’s expand the meaning of ‘growing’ your own to the idea of cultivating your own PR department or accounting department. Outsourcing some of the pricier parts of running a business can put you in the red before your idea has even gotten out of the gate, so do a crash course in whatever you don’t know about and DIY in the early days!


Bartering with your neighbour and offering them the use of your lawnmower in exchange for a summer spent in their pool is a genius move – but it’s even more genius to apply the concept to your business. Whatever it is you do – whether it’s knit cardies for sausage dogs or knot your own rugs, someone, somewhere wants one and has something to offer in exchange. And don’t be shy about making connections for the purpose of bartering - what’s the harm in cold emailing or facebook messaging someone whose services you need and seeing if they’d be interested in a little swapsie?

Word of mouth

Nattering about good service or bad products is as old as the economy itself. People just can’t help but talk about the things that have made their lives easier or a whole lot worse. Now instead of the classic over-the-fence- style debrief of yesteryear, people head to facebook to rave about what’s floating their boats. The savvy business owner harnesses this habit by doing something great and urging their followers to like it, share it and pass the positivity on.

Work from home

So not much has changed about this little piece of advice! Clearing off your dresser or making a corner office in the lounge room has never gone out of fashion. Certainly if you’ve got a laptop and Internet connection your ‘office’ is anywhere there is a bit of clear space. But add to that the idea of taking up residence in the local library or asking to set up in a friend’s unused shed or study during the day and you’ve got yourself an office for free!

So there you have it – some great ways to pinch pennies and get your great idea off the ground!

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