What do you love about your Dad?

An appreciative daughter by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd launched the very first Father’s Day celebration at the local YMCA in Arkansas, USA in 1910. One of six children raised by her single father (who also happened to be a civil war hero), Sonora wanted to find a way to pat good dads like her own on the back. And while she could hardly have predicted how the day would one day send sock sales through the roof, she would surely be delighted to see how the tradition has spread into a worldwide phenomenon.

Of course, here at DailyCare, we have well and truly caught on to singing dads’ praises! And what better way do that than ask kids about what they love about their dads!

‘My dad takes me to the market on the weekend and we have hot chocolates together. He will always buy me a treat and we choose food we like.’
Aaron, 8

‘Dad was pretty strict on me and my siblings growing up. There were a lot of us (9!) and I think he stressed daily about our wellbeing. It was as a grandfather that dad’s softer side was finally allowed out - without the ‘provider’ tag he really flourished. Our relationship changed, too, at that point and I saw he was proud of his brood!’
Elenna, 64

‘My dad was always a big sloppy softy - a big hugger and always encouraging. I remember sometimes just thinking, ‘Come on dad, just pat me on the back and grunt like everyone else’s dad does! Then the moment I held my newborn daughter it just crystalised something inside me and I understood dad totally! It may sound corny but I was absolutely thinking - I’ve found my purpose now. I’m looking after this perfect person - I’m a DAD!’
Rory, 45

‘Dad is silly! I love Dad!’
Asher, 3

‘I think my dad has shown me that if you want to change you can. He had a tough upbringing and it took him awhile to really ‘grow up’! He’s shown me that no matter the cards you are dealt you still have the power to change no matter what age or stage of life.’
Jen, 38

‘Dad was a lifelong learner, and I really respected and loved that about him. He always emphasised education and pushed me and my siblings to achieve. I grew up in an era when it wasn’t a given that girls would go to uni, or even graduate high school, but my dad treated his girls the same as his boys. I appreciate that every single day of my life!’
Terri, 78

‘I love my dad because he brings me presents and we go to the footy! He is very big and dressed up as a dinosaur. I screamed!’
Bonnie, 6

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, today!

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What do you love about your Dad?

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