Residential aged care visitors- photo of an older man holding a smiling baby up above his head

Living in aged care and loving it! Our top 5 reasons to move in and start living it up

While living in an aged care home may not have been something you envisioned for yourself or for your loved ones, there are some huge benefits to making the move to a facility that is all about making life easy. Here we countdown to what living in a care can do for you!

5. Never do the dishes again! Or any housework again, for that matter!

An aged care home (sometimes known as a nursing home or residential aged care facility) is chore-free! That’s right, there are no dishes to do, floors to vacuum or mop, toilets to scrub or gutters to clean. It’s the ultimate in ‘feet up’ living, where all the boring stuff is done for you! And you can count on three nutritious meals a day - which you don’t have to cook or shop for!

4. Stay safe

An aged care home offers total peace of mind when it comes to your safety. With staff on site 24-hours a day and locks on all the doors, you can sleep easy knowing that strangers won’t come knocking. It’s a major plus for the family too, knowing you’re safe and sound.

3. Socialise

Making friends and keeping up with old ones is really what it’s all about in an aged care home. Common rooms and shared meal times means you can mix it with the social set. And if you’re not in the mood for a mingle? No worries –retreat to your private room for some ‘me’ time!

2.Spend your time having fun

Banish visions of boredom when it comes to aged care homes, these days residents’ days can be filled from sun up to sundown with on-site entertainments or adventurous excursions. Simply pick the activity that suits you and off you go.

1. Expert care

Making it in at #1 on our list is access to expert care. Aged care living is first and foremost about your health and quality of life. Doctors and staff are trained to assist you with everything from showering and eating to helping you dress. And if an emergency presents itself you are right where you need to be to get help. Your medical history is on file and any special requirements are passed seamlessly on to doctors and other health professionals.